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Degree Biomedical Sciences     SegellAcreditacioAQU_GCBiomediques_en

The Degree in Biomedical Sciences (Biomedicine) was first run in Spain in the 2009–2010 academic year, but similar programmes have a long tradition in countries that are leaders in biomedical research. Biomedicine is a degree deeply rooted in Sweden, the USA, England, Germany and Japan, amongst other countries. The Faculty of Medicine has devised a curriculum for the Degree in Biomedical Sciences in collaboration with the University of Marburg (Germany), which has been running an undergraduate programme in biomedicine for 25 years.

The education in the Biomedical Sciences degree of the UdL is taught by medical doctors/clinical researchers in a 40% and by basic researchers in a 60%, who give to students large formation about the progress in the knowledge about different diseases. The ultimate goal of the programme is to train professionals able to work in the field of biomedical research, the biological diagnosis of diseases and their prevention, and the design of new treatment strategies, as well as being able to work as technicians, teachers, communicators and knowledge creators in the various sub-fields of biomedicine.


  1st assignment 4th assignment
2010 10,918 9,384
2011 11,077 10,640
2012 11,244 10,656
2013 11,260 9,751
2014 11,348 11,052
2015 11,712 11,590
2016 11,809  11,461 
2017 11,642 11,196
2018 11,760 11,760
2019 11,869 11,792

Why to study?

  • Do you want to know why the cells become cancerous?
  • Do you want to know how to avoid the degeneration of neurons related to Parkinson, Alzheimer and sclerosis?
  • Do you want to know how to stop the effects of the AIDS?
  • Do you want to know which the cellular and molecular bases of the depression are?

The degree is directed to the analysis of the biological bases of human pathologies. Its objective is to educate professionals and researchers on health sciences with the capacity to understand the advance on the cellular and molecular biology and how to make use of it in the medical field. In the degree, the students learn also about how to integrate the basic knowledge about the molecular mechanisms and its biological functions and its application on health and human diseases.