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Educational aims

knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the student:

1) Learn how to work in a laboratory, joining and participating in the different activities of a scientific group. This includes:

i) Develop job skills and interpersonal relationships in a work environment

ii) Understand the organization of research institutes and biomedical companies.

2) Apply scientific methodology in biomedical research.

i) Collect data from the scientific literature. Understand the scientific and technical information with a critical sense.

ii) Use the scientific method to design experimental strategies and analyze obtained data.

iii) Apply knowledge and skills acquired transversely to resolve problems related to human pathology.

3) Communicate the acquired knowledge:

i) Be able to make oral presentations based on the information acquired and the results obtained.

ii) Acquire the ability to write comprehensive reports on the work done, based on the theoretical and practical knowledge obtained

iii) Understand and properly use the scientific and technical vocabulary from different fields of biomedicine.